The Outer Rubber Cap can be used as an optional addition to Delta Three Oscar™ P10 knee pads to provide puncture as well as abrasion resistance whilst reinforcing the overall durability of the knee guard for the toughest environments.


The Outer Rubber Cap provides enhanced stealth versus traditional hard plastic outer shells due to its soft and flexible material properties, while also meeting puncture, flammability and abrasion standards. The Outer Rubber cap is thin and lightweight, making it ideal for pad reinforcement.


  • Available in Coyote, Mojave, Black and Grey
  • Small and Large sizes
  • Meets puncture, flammability and abrasion standards


For Delta Three Oscar and Xion, “Protect & Serve” is more than just a saying, it’s a way of life. Much like police officers, we work as partners. Together we are able to combine form, function and fashion to provide better performing protective gear and equipment to those who need it most.


We’ve acted on the needs of law enforcement responding to volatile scenes such as protests or demonstrations. When showing up in aggressive tactical combat gear, instead of having the intended calming effect some find the crowds to become more violent. Rather than leave the Boys-in-Blue unprotected we found ways to help. Delta Three Oscar and Xion have developed an innovative solution to this paradox by concealing protection inside the clothing of the officers who have to respond to such scenes.

Together we can all go further than any one of us can go on our own. If you’re looking for support or want to have the best provider of impact protection on your side, contact us here and we will have your back.